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Commercial Rollup Door Argyle

Commercial Rollup Door Argyle

Doors are an essential element in your business or company. Depending on the technology, layout, and manufacturing material, you can enjoy different security levels to maintain your assets. Among the various options, rollup doors are the best alternative for commercial use. Keep in mind that a business door system must be heavy-duty and must provide the perfect balance between security and logistical practicality.

One of the significant advantages of rollup doors is that they require a minimum amount of space for their operation. This allows the operation of the door does not interrupt business. Besides, garage rollup doors in Argyle can withstand frequent use and have particular characteristics that will enable you to keep your goods safe and optimal. If you do not want to buy this type of door, you must know the most popular commercial rollup door in Argyle options.

What Are the Best-Selling Commercial Roll-Up Garage Doors in Argyle?

  • Haas Ribbed Steel Series: This is one of the best options for commercial rollup door repair and installation. The prestigious Haas Doors manufacture it in 20-, 24- or 25-gauge galvanized steel of superior quality. It is available in 5 different colors and four panel options. They are of tongue-and-groove construction and can be ordered in three different insulation options.

  • Insulated Aluminum 5000 Series: With this system, you'll enjoy one of the lightest and strongest rollup garage doors on the market. Made with 24-gauge aluminum with a full thermal break, you can buy it in 3", 2", or 13/4" thickness. It has an excellent air infiltration seal (5800 & 5200). Also, you can order it with wind load in two convenient colors.

  • Premium 4400 Commercial/Industrial Steel Panel: DoorLink is one of the best suppliers of rollup doors and offers this high-end system, ideal for heavy and continuous work. It is made of 24-gauge steel and comes coated with a 1mil paint layer for maximum durability, in three different colors. It has an excellent insulation rating of 6.85, and you can also order it with different wind load options.

  • Premium 6500 Commercial/Industrial Insulated Panel: This is DoorLink's top-of-the-line option. They are manufactured with three-layer panels, with 2" total thickness, plus the 1-millimeter paint layer in 4 different colors. It has an extraordinary insulation index of 10.25 for maximum preservation of the goods. Also, it has an interior steel skin to provide superior protection. You can order it flat or with 24"x8" or 24"x12" insulated windows.

Why Choose Osborne Overhead Door?

We offer a commercial overhead garage door service & installation that is unique in the region. We have the most specialized and experienced team in the industry in Argyle and its surroundings. Besides, our expert technicians will provide you with the necessary advice to select the system that best suits your needs and budget.

For Osborne Overhead Door, the goal is not just to sell you a rollup door system. We commit to the project and make it our own to ensure that the installation is top-notch. We also provide you with the best commercial overhead garage door service and garage door repair in Argyle to keep your systems in top condition for your business's benefit. All this with the most competitive prices in the market and world-class customer service. Contact us for the best residential/commercial garage doors, overhead doors, and door openers.

Commercial Rollup Door Argyle
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