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Stone Refinishing Chicago

Stone Refinishing Chicago

If you are thinking to replace your old, dull, dented, and stained countertop maybe you may like to consider first a stone refinishing in Chicago. You will be pleasantly surprised by the fantastic job done by Prestige, without spending too much money and without getting all the remodeling works troubles.

Refinish granite countertops

In most of the cases, it is possible to refinish a countertop and, ideally, you should not replace it just because it looks dull or scratched. In some cases, a simple reseal will suffice to restore it. You can test if the granite sealant is still intact by spraying some water on it. If the water is absorbed in a few minutes means that a resealing is required, and you should check for a specialist in stone refinishing in Chicago.

If the countertop has dents, you may be able to repair it, by filling the scratches with a color matching epoxy resin. In some cases, polishing the granite may help to remove the stains and scratches, but do not forget to apply a sealant coating after that. However, if the top is rather old, the last option will be to replace it, unless you want to try some creative ideas like painting the granite.

Deep cleaning a granite countertop

Granite is the ideal choice for kitchen countertops because of its sturdy surface, excellent resistance to heat, and the esthetic look that brings. Despite granite’s resilience, the stone will still accumulate dirt and, if not properly sealed, this will transform into a bothering stain. Maintaining your countertop look may not be difficult if you follow a few simple rules:

  • Use warm water when cleaning it – the heat will soften the grease, making it easy to remove. If needed, you can add a bit of dishwashing liquid in the water, but do not forget to rinse it properly and to dry it.
  • Disinfecting – you can mix a small amount of isopropyl alcohol with water and spray it over the countertop. The solution must be removed after 2 – 3 minutes with a dry cloth.
  • Removing a stain using baking soda – you can create a paste mixing baking soda with water or hydrogen peroxide to remove oil or water-based stains. In any case, you should avoid using any harsh chemicals, including chlorine, which will only stain your granite.
  • Use a steamer – for removing heavy stains, place a clean, dry cloth on the steamer’s cleaning head, and sweep all the area with the hot, dry steam. You may need to replace the fabric several times to obtain a clean countertop.

How much does stone refinishing in Chicago costs?

Not as much as you expect and anyhow is cheaper than replacing an existing granite countertop with a new one. A professional refinish will bring back the functionality and the brightness of your stone for many years.

Being specialized in such projects, Prestige is guaranteeing your satisfaction after we complete our work. Moreover, we expect you to trust us with your next project, the bathroom’s marble, and tiles restoration.

Stone Refinishing Chicago
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Stone Refinishing Chicago
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