La Cantina windows

La Cantina windows

Consider purchasing La Cantina windows & doors during your next home improvement project or renovation. You’ll experience significant energy efficiency by replacing old and worn-our windows & doors with products manufactured by La Cantina; as well, when you purchase them from Bella Vida, you’ll have a double guarantee that the products you choose will exceed your expectations in every way. Speak with our installation technicians before purchasing your replacement windows and doors- we can offer a seamless installation that will save you both time and money.

3 La Cantina Doors That Double As Windows

1. La Cantina Folding Doors open up your living space like nothing else can. Enjoy panoramic views from your living room with folding doors that offer style, function, and exceptional performance. At Bella Vida, we sell top-quality product form La Cantina designed to offer smooth and efforless operation when you want to let in the sunlight and fresh air; large opening door systems made by the manufacturer mimic the look of full-wall windows yet are designed to offer so much more than just a window space. See all Folding Door options:

  • Standard systems or made-to-measure
  • Top-hung
  • Panels without excess mullions
  • Sills for every application or design
  • Performance glass
  • Thermally controlled products

2. Sliding doors made by La Cantina are windows on rollers that allow homeowners the option of creating a seamless inside-outside living arrangement. At Bella Vida, we proudly offer our customers a new class of multi-slide glass sliding doors that combine the most beloved features of performance, strength, and symmetry to create an innovative lift and slide door system that opens up your home to the beauty of your surroundings- like an oversized window but with more performance. Features include:

  • Standard or customized measurements
  • Flush stacking panels
  • Quieter hardware
  • Durable design
  • Pocketing & non-pocketing systems
  • High-performance
  • Fits any design or application

3. Swing doors by La Cantina- like windows, only better. Our best-selling product manufacturer utilizes heavy-duty architectural stainless steel hinges and durable door panels to create taller and wider openings that are cherished by homeowners in tropical and subtropical locations. If you want more space than what single or French doors can provide, you’re going to love our signature narrow stile and rail swing doors and how they can truly customize the look of your home. La Cantina’s swing doors feature the following:

  • Oversized application
  • Narrow door profiles
  • Extrmeely durable hinges
  • Performance glass
  • Fit any design
  • Significantly improve curb appeal

Why wait to inquire about La Cantina windows and doors? Bella Vida can answer all of your questions over the phone or through our website when you reach out to us today. If you’ve been thinking about replacing older windows or doors in your home or are planning a new construction home, you’ll want to take a closer look at products made to superior quality standards by companies like La Cantina, Unilux, Fleetwood, Pella, and a few others we have partnered with to bring you the very best quality for your home.



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