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Masonry Paint

Masonry Paint

The days of limited color choice for masonry are long gone. To achieve a long-lasting finish on stone, roughcasts, rendered walls, concrete, or bricks, use Fine Paints of Europe's masonry paint that comes in a wide variety of colors. Our paint is environmentally friendly and long-lasting thanks to its anti-aging properties.

Having mastered the business for over 27 years, our fine paints have exceptional elasticity and a UV-resistant formula that protects against peeling, flaking, or cracking for years to come. The excellent leveling of our paints paired with great coverage guarantees a perfect finish every time.

Why Do You Need Masonry Paint?

It serves two main purposes-to protect and look good. Aesthetically, the sky is the limit with external paint. With the latest technology, our paint keeps your surfaces waterproof and breathable-meaning the surfaces will have longer protection and flawless coverage.

You can opt for black or white, they both look contemporary and remarkable when properly applied, or you can choose exotic colors, use strips, mix up the colors and make your vision a reality. Just remember to confirm with your local council about any restrictions or protocols.

Which Types of Masonry Paint are available?

Exterior paint comes in different finishes. There is smooth gloss, heavily textured, coarse finish, satin, matt, etc. The types of paint for UV, waterproofing, cities with pollution, seaside towns, textured, or smooth, all serve various purposes with a standard of excellence.

The more common types of paint are smooth and textured paint.

  • Textured Paint

This paint offers extra protection. If your project is in harsher environments such as a city with lots of air pollution or a seaside project, textured will be best suited. It’s also a better option when it comes to sealing fine cracks. That’s not to say it will repair the structural damage. Any damages will first need to be addressed.

  • Smooth Paint

This type of paint comes in a variety of finishes including gloss, matt, and satin. Smooth paint leaves a pleasant finish and is easily distributed across larger surfaces. It's excellent for applying over tough exteriors such as building blocks, pebbledash, and roughcast.

With the endless selection of paints available, it might be quite confusing to find the right paint for your project. But, worry not, our team of experts is on standby ready to assist you.



How is Masonry Painted?

Masonry is painted using a process similar to painting drywall, wood, or any other common material. In all instances, adequately preparing the surface is the secret to an attractive and lasting job. No matter how good the paint is, if the project isn’t sufficiently prepped, the end result will be a disappointment.

We are Here for You

Fine Paints of Europe provides painting that shields exterior porous surfaces from the effects of adverse weather conditions. In need of masonry paint? We’ll be delighted to hear from you. Email us on or call our toll-free number 1-800-332-1556 to know more about our finishes, discuss the finer particulars of your project, or place your order.



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