Does your bathroom feel like a retreat? If you have a tiny bathroom, it may not feel that way.

You can do a few things to make the most of your existing bathroom to make it feel more luxurious. Here are three innovative small bathroom remodeling ideas to consider this spring.

Upscale Your Vanity

When your bathroom is small, storage space is severely limited. Upgrade your vanity with customized cabinets to make the best use of the space. For an upscale look with your small bathroom remodeling, integrate matching wall cabinets with the under-sink cabinet. You can also play with multi-level countertops or off-centered sinks to give yourself more storage and workspace.

Upgrade Your Toilet

One small bathroom remodeling idea to make your space more luxurious and expansive is to upgrade your toilet with a wall-hung model. These versions hide the water tank within the wall, so you get an extra foot or two in space. Since the bowl is mounted on the wall, it is easier to clean under and around the toilet. You may need to hire a professional as these toilets can be tricky to install.

Expand with Glass

Use glass to your advantage in your small bathroom remodeling to make the space appear bigger. Instead of a shower curtain, install a transparent shower door that gives you a full view of the room. Frosted glass windows with no curtains allow more natural light to filter in and gives you a calming view of the outdoors. A large mirror can make the room appear twice as large as it actually is.

Thinking About Small Bathroom Remodeling This Spring?

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