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Kitchen Remodeling Woodbury


Let us design your kitchen the way you live!

This active area in your home requires both space and creativity when remodeling. Novare’s spatial designer, Suzanne Pottinger, guides you in making the large and small decisions.

Whether it’s choosing a natural stone countertop versus an engineered product or selecting hardwood floors instead of a luxury vinyl option, the details such as cabinet hardware or the perfect finish for your gorgeous faucet, Novare is with you every step of the way.

We ask the right questions, so you have absolute confidence about your choices and end up with a kitchen that fits your lifestyle.

Bathroom Designer Maple Grove


Remodeling bathrooms to create a more functional layout is one of our specialties. Function, creativity, and luxury are not always ideas that flow naturally, especially in the bathroom.

It is the first and last room you spend your day in, so let us create a space that is unique to your needs.

Living Room Designer Minneapolis

Surrounding Spaces

Quite often, a remodel of one room can spill into another. For instance, an open concept kitchen flows into a dining area or family room. Novare takes all of this into consideration when designing and planning your new space. We will make sure that each room flows seamlessly to the next.

From uniformity to contrasting rooms, achieving balance and synchronicity in surrounding spaces is essential.

Why Choose Us?

Why Remodel With Us?

Home Designer Woodbury

We Believe in efficiency

Tim, our Project Coordinator, and Suzanne, our Spatial Designer, make up our team here at Novare. As a home remodeling company dedicated to creating truly personal relationships with our clients, we believe the size of our team is an advantage. We will collaborate with you during every stage of the renovation project, from initial contact to final walk-throughs. At Novare Renovation & Design, our clients don’t get lost in the shuffle.

Home Remodeling Saint Paul

We Believe in open and honest communication

Completing high-quality work in the competitive home remodeling industry relies on strong, honest and timely communication. At Novare, we provide over the phone, email, and in-person updates to ensure our clients are never left in the dark.

Home Remodeling Saint Paul

We believe in teamwork

With a combined 45+ years of experience in the home renovation industry, Tim and Suzanne can tackle any challenge together with ease. Suzanne thrives on the challenge of creating a unique, functional, and beautiful space that not only fits our clients’ lifestyle but is cohesive with the rest of the house. Quality, cleanliness, and timeliness are Tim’s priorities; he only accepts work that he would allow in his own home. As a combined team, Suzanne and Tim blend their individual¬† expertise and knowledge, making them a renovating powerhouse!

Home Remodeling Woodbury

we believe in versatility

We don’t push our clients into a specific style or design trend – we believe in celebrating individuality in home remodeling vision and implementation. Therefore, we work with our clients to design and renovate spaces that reflect our clients’ style. As you can see, our portfolio of projects reflects the diverse work we do. We design functional & beautiful spaces with you in mind.


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