One thing 2020 and beyond taught the world is how important private spaces are within the home. However, it can quickly become difficult when everyone is trying to work, learn and exist 24/7 inside the home.

While open floor plans are wonderful for many reasons, they do not offer much privacy when working from home. If you need privacy for your home office, it may be time for a home renovation.

While converting an extra bedroom into a home office is simple, many homeowners do not have a spare room to dedicate to an office. This can be challenging, especially when the home has an open floor plan. At Novare Renovation & Design, we specialize in finding innovative ways to renovate within the footprint of the home to create the desired space and design for our clients.

Carving Out Your Private Space

There are many options when it comes to remodeling or renovating your home to include a private space for your home office. For some homes, it may be necessary to repurpose a storage area or part of an existing room to create a new office. For example, a closet, pantry, utility room or under-staircase area may be utilized in the renovation.

Another option may be a dual-purpose room. For example, a spare bedroom could double as an office space with the right remodeling tactics. Innovative storage options and desk areas can be incorporated alongside guest accommodations.

For homes with an open floor plan, it may be necessary to consider a complete main floor redesign and remodel. Partitioning off a corner and creating a separate office space is possible while preserving the open floor design.

At Novare Renovation & Design, our Design-Build approach is the perfect solution for creating private, stylish spaces for your home in the east St. Paul metro area. If your lifestyle has changed and you need a remodel of your home to accommodate these changes, contact our design team for a consultation.