These homeowners reached out to Novare since we were highly recommended by two of their neighbors.  Word of mouth referrals are the highest compliment you can give!  We were excited to start working to make this 1990’s Master Bathroom a new, modern, spa like retreat.

Master Bath Problems:  We had a square room with fixtures set in each of the four corners with no consideration given to traffic flow.  Then, there was the token oversized corner jacuzzi tub and fiberglass shower.   Tall windows above the jacuzzi tub didn’t allow for any privacy.  The vanity was undersized with two sinks and there wasn’t a lot of counter space to organize their toiletries.  With no designated linen storage, the homeowners were forced to use the valuable real estate under the sink for this purpose.

Master Bath Solutions:  Removing the corner tub and replacing it with a 60” soaking tub allowed for a longer vanity to accommodate two sinks appropriately.  With this new vanity, we were able to customize pull out drawers for hair appliances with an outlet tucked away inside.  A linen cabinet was added between the toilet and tub to create privacy and provide functional storage.  The tiled shower houses multiple shower heads and recessed niches with plenty of room for all of their toiletries.

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Master Bath Remodel

Master Bath Outcome:  We were able to reclaim a lot of unused, wasted space and provide these homeowners with ample storage and organization.  They now have a custom, modern, spa like master retreat.