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moving a staircase to improve layout and traffic flow

Novare was contracted to do a 3 story remodel for this 1990’s home set near the St. Croix River. While the setting couldn’t be more perfect and serene, the home had some layout issues. The main focal point was the staircase that was set right in the middle of the home. While in some circumstances staircases are meant to be the star of the show, this one was better suited to being the backup singer!

Staircase Solutions

We decided to demo the existing steps and move the staircase flush against the front wall of the home, improving the flow of traffic on all three levels. On the main floor, this created better sight lines from family room, to dining room, to kitchen, while making more efficient use of the space. On the second level, this essentially eliminated the hallway maze and formed more of an open landing. In the basement, this allowed for a more functional family room.

Main Level Solutions

On the main floor, we eliminated the enclosed entryway and opened up that space. This made room for the relocation of the powder room and a custom-built storage cubby with bench seating. We replaced 5 separate family room windows with one large picture window to take full advantage of the St. Croix River views. In the kitchen, we added large windows to the same wall so that you have panoramic views from every area. By doing so, we removed the upper cabinets but didn’t lose any storage. With custom cabinetry, we can maximize the space of every cabinet and drawer and personalize it to each individual homeowner’s needs. This kitchen was no exception and our homeowner has more storage than when we started!

Before the project…

Home Remodeling Woodbury

After the project…

Living Room Renovation Maple Grove
Bathroom Renovation Saint Paul
Home Remodeling Saint Paul
Living Room Renovation
Living Room Design Saint Paul
Kitchen Renovation Saint Paul
Kitchen Remodeling Woodbury

Second Level Solutions

On the second floor, the staircase moved to where the main bath was originally.  We shifted the bathroom to the rear exterior wall of the home.  By doing this, not only did we gain some square footage, but we made the adjacent second bedroom a more functional room.  Previously an “L” shape, it didn’t leave a lot of options for furniture placement.  Now, it’s a rectangular space with a larger closet and second window.

Bathroom Remodeling Saint Paul
Home Remodeling Woodbury

In the master suite, we borrowed a little bit of space from the bedroom and were able to increase the size of the bathroom and walk in closet.  Before, the closet and bathroom had separate entrances with two doors opening in to the bedroom space.  Now, when you enter the master bath from the pocket door, you are welcomed into the spa like space and closet/dressing area.

Before the project…

Bed Room Renovation Saint Paul

After the project…

Bedroom Remodeling Saint Paul
Living Room Renovation Woodbury
Bedroom Renovation Woodbury
Bathroom Design Saint Paul
Bathroom Renovation Saint Paul

Lower Level Solutions

We didn’t forget about the basement! This lower level now includes a ¾ bathroom, family room with fireplace, and storage room.

Before the project…

Basement Renovation Woodbury

After the project…

Basement Redesign Saint Paul

Exterior Solutions

The exterior of the home got a facelift as well! New siding, paint, front door, 3 second story windows, and an updated front porch complete this gorgeous transformation.

Before the project…

Home Design Saint Paul

After the project…

Home Renovation Saint Paul

It’s amazing what changing the location of a staircase can do. It opened up so many possibilities for this home and created a space that flows and takes full advantage of the beautiful St. Croix River. We loved all of the unique design choices and each space has its own personality, while gliding seamlessly to the next.


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