We have all been spending a lot of time in our homes over the last few months, haven’t we?  You may have been feeling the restrictions of your current home layout. You could have noticed that the design of your kitchen is entirely inconvenient.

Nothing is where it should be, and you cannot let your creativity flow. For example, you may have discovered that your bathroom is not the serene oasis of relaxation that it should be. Instead, it is cluttered and out of date. Or the realization that you are not utilizing your household space to the maximum has dawned. Perhaps a basement renovation may allow the family more room to relax?

Novāre Renovation & Design

At Novāre Renovation & Design, we offer a wide range of options to complete your ideal kitchen aesthetic. We understand that the kitchen is the heart of the home. Our helpful team will discuss any potential layout changes you wish to make to increase flow and make cooking, socializing and family life a joy. Select from a range of natural stone or quartz countertops to complete your ideal image.

For your bathroom, we offer custom vanity cabinetry – again with natural stone or quartz. Sink, faucet and cabinetry hardware included. This approach ensures that you will leave your bathroom looking and feeling your best. We can also install or remove your bathtub to increase your relaxation or maximize space for a busy family.

Should you wish to renovate another area of your property, we can work with you to create a clean and modern style to compliment your lifestyle and amplify the potential of your property. For example, our team can change the layout of a non-functional space and add new carpet or luxury vinyl flooring throughout. If you desire a cozy family space, we can install a custom gas fireplace to make your dream a reality.

If a renovation feels like the right choice for you, contact Novāre Renovation & Design, LLC today.