If you moved into your home as a young couple, the size and shape of the kitchen might have been perfect at that time in your life. However, once kids come along, space and functionality can become significant issues. While hanging out in the kitchen is where memories are created, things can become cramped very easily.


Even when a kitchen footprint looks small, there is always the potential to make better use of the space. A spatial designer can reimagine the room that is often referred to as the heart of the home. With new custom cabinetry, worktops, sinks, and ergonomic changes, it is possible to achieve a renovation that gives you room to breathe and improved functionality.

Total Kitchen Renovation

Some kitchen remodeling companies are limited by the scope of work their contractors can complete. For instance, improving the practical aspects of a kitchen may require changes to plumbing and appliance installations. So, to ensure you get the kitchen of your dreams, turn to Novare Renovation & Design.


From the concept of your kitchen redesign to completion, we will work with you and provide all the support you need. Our team can interpret how you envision your new space and make it happen. In addition, you will benefit from the experience of collaborating with an experienced designer and builder as part of a team.

Remodeling Consultation

Are you ready to take the first step towards achieving that dream kitchen remodel? Novare Renovation & Design can offer you a consultation to discuss your ideas and begin the process of planning your new practical and welcoming family space.


If you have any questions about cost, timeframes, or anything else, contact us at (651) 230-4059 today.