Maximizing living space. It’s the subject of many books, magazines and TV shows, the passion behind retail giant IKEA’s sprawling showrooms and the focus of numerous successful careers. It’s something that preoccupies our minds during the workweek and keeps us busy on the weekends as we tackle the latest DIY projects for our continually evolving, organized and efficient living spaces. Here are some fresh ideas we think you will want to add to your organizational arsenal!

Bedrooms:  Our physical space has a profound effect on our mental wellbeing and there’s no room in our homes we spend more time in than our bedrooms. Banish bedroom clutter with these easy tips!

  • Install shelving around the perimeter of your wall near the ceiling, including in the space above your door. Use this space to display your vast library, room decor, trophies or other collectibles.
  • Add risers under the feet of your bed to create ample space for under-the-bed storage. Under-the-bed storage bins are great for storing gift wrapping supplies and seasonal clothing.
  • Did you know that some bed frames and headboards come with built-in storage? This is a discreet way to tame clutter while keeping books and clothes close at hand.

Bathrooms:  Bathrooms are notoriously small yet vitally important spaces that serve a variety of purposes. We love these creative bathroom storage ideas!

  • Consider adding a second shower rod inside your shower along the back wall. Then string it with “s” hooks for a convenient place to store your loofahs and washcloths and hang caddies for shampoo, conditioner and shower gel.
  • Utilize the back of the vanity door by hanging a bin or two. This will get stuff off the floor of the cupboard and gives you easy access to your hair brush, hair dryer, curling rod and other bathroom tools.
  • Buy stackable bins for inside the vanity cupboard. This notorious catchall doesn’t have to look like one! Instead, these bins will provide a perfect place to stack towels, toilet paper etc.

Living Rooms:  Living rooms are where we wind down at the end of a long day, lounge on the weekends (when we’re not tackling our next DIY project!) and entertain our guests. Here are a few charming and practical storage solutions for this highly-visible space… 

  • Pull your couch out from the wall 12” and create floor-to-ceiling built-ins for books, art, vases and decor. You lose very little floor space and gain a tremendous amount of vertical space. Add baskets and framed photos for a cozy and personal touch.
  • If you’re looking for storage for blankets and board games and haven’t already succumbed to the trend, purchase yourself a storage ottoman. Your future self will thank you.
  • Invest in a rolling cart and create a portable coffee or liquor station. It’s a great way to free up kitchen counter and cupboard space and you can move it around the room while you’re entertaining. Plus, it’s easy to park in the corner of your living room and adds a charming flair.

Kitchens:  If any room has a tendency towards clutter, it’s probably the kitchen. Servingware, drinkware, pots and pans, appliances – you name it – the kitchen houses it all! Here are some sneaky ideas for converting surplus kitchen space into practical storage solutions…

  • You know that little space between the side of the fridge and the wall? How about creating a slender shelf with wheels or on a track, just wide enough to store your canned goods and spices?
  • Most of us have a decent gap between the top of our cupboards and the ceiling. If you’re seeking more storage, this is a great spot to work some magic! Space out woven baskets on the top of your cupboards and rehome infrequently used appliances and servingware. Then add matching baskets to the top of your fridge for storing water bottles, pitchers and those pesky bags of chips.
  • If more counter space is on your wishlist, hang wire baskets on the backsplash for produce, bags of coffee or whatever smaller items tend to end up on the countertop!

If you are fed up with clutter and would like help designing custom storage solutions for your home, we would love to connect!  Contact us today!