Open concept kitchens are popular now because they suit modern life. As our way of life changed, so did the distribution of the spaces in which we occupy.

The kitchen used to be a place solely for cooking and storing food. Today, it is the heart of the home where socializing happens during meal preparation, not just after at the dinner table.

Integrated kitchen-living room spaces are ideal for friends and family to maximize their time together. Nowadays, our lives are so busy and rushed that we must take advantage of every minute available to spend in the company of loved ones. That is why most people prefer a home with large spaces that contain the kitchen, dining and living/family room together.

Cook and Socialize Simultaneously

Integrated kitchen-living room spaces mean nobody gets left out of a conversation. Those working in the kitchen can remain a part of the pre-dinner dialogue in the living room.

When the busy work is done and the foods in the oven or on the stove, the cook can relax and join the group but still watch their culinary masterpieces.

Brighter Spaces Appear Bigger

Partition walls between spaces block natural light streaming in from outside. Eliminating them allows that light to shine through the house, making the area appear more prominent. Furthermore, an unhindered view opens up your home for an improved interior flow.

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Having a kitchen that you love is of utmost importance because it is one of the home’s most-used rooms. Therefore, it should be a place where you enjoy spending time.

Novare Renovation & Design understands this and will ensure that your kitchen flows seamlessly to the living room when designing and planning your new space. We want you to be proud of your integrated kitchen-living area while happily cooking and socializing at the same time.

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