Read on for tips on how to best maximize your space and stay efficient!

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has changed the way we work and while we are hoping this is a temporary inconvenience, home officing is not going away any time soon. Where is your work space? For some of us, it’s the kitchen table with your children milling around, or for others, it’s the small corner of your bedroom with the dog nudging you to pay attention to them!  Our spatial designer, Suzanne Pottinger, offers a few suggestions on how to set up your space, wherever it might be.

  • Have a dedicated desk area where you can set up just the essentials (laptop, calendar, printer). The less clutter, the more productive  you will be.

  • Lighting is key. What kind of natural light does your space get? What does this mean for how you position your computer to reduce glare?
  • Where are your electrical outlets? There is nothing worse than having extension cords stretched across the room so that all of your devices are plugged in.
  • If you are short on space, having a bare wall is a valuable asset. Consider buying floating shelves, or even corner shelves that will not take up any floor space. Think about your flow of work and how often you would need to access your shelves to determine where they should be placed.


  • If you are not short on space and have a spare room or an unfinished basement, let Novare Renovation & Design help you! From custom cabinetry with tons of storage, to creating layers of lighting, to the perfect placement of your outlets and switches, we can help you have the ultimate home office. We are scheduling virtual consultations, click here to contact us today!