Are you finding that vacationers are passing up on the chance to rent your home? One of the features that most visitors are looking for is a functional and aesthetic kitchen. Gone are the days when a stovetop and kettle will sell a property. 

With the growing popularity of glamping and other luxury vacation options, holidaymakers are looking for more home comforts. The kitchen is the heart of any home so it’s a good place to start if you want to make your property more attractive to potential vacationers. 

Kitchen Aesthetics

When thinking about kitchen aesthetics, consider the reason that attracts vacationers to the location of your property. Is it a country getaway? Perhaps remodeling with a rustic aesthetic is the way to go. Is your property on or near a beach? Tranquil ocean colors will create a relaxing space for your guests. 

The aesthetic that you choose should never make spending time in the kitchen feel like a chore. The people you rent to will want a well-deserved break, so a kitchen that looks overbearing is off-putting. Striking a balance between aesthetics and functionality is therefore an important consideration. 

Fully Functional Kitchen

Your guests may not have the budget to eat out a lot while vacationing. Creating a fully functional kitchen provides the option to eat in without the stress of cooking a meal with limited resources. Adequate countertop and cabinet space will allow your guests to stock up and prepare the food they need. You should also consider supplying the types of appliances you would use at home to create a family-size meal. 

If you have ideas for a kitchen remodel for your vacation rental property, Novare Renovation & Design can handle every aspect of the project. We engage in a cooperative relationship that involves you, our designer, and builder. Call today to learn more about our St. Paul kitchen remodeling services.