Space-Saving Storage: Some Fresh Ideas!

Maximizing living space. It’s the subject of many books, magazines and TV shows, the passion behind retail giant IKEA’s sprawling showrooms and the focus of numerous successful careers. It’s something that preoccupies our minds during the workweek and keeps us busy on the weekends as we tackle the latest DIY projects for our continually evolving, organized and efficient living spaces. Here are some fresh ideas we think you will want to add to your organizational arsenal!

July 13, 2018|

From Paralyzed to Amazed in Lake Elmo: A Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel Case Study

Ever feel absolutely paralyzed by a big project at work or home? Maybe you’re putting off something that would bring you joy just because you don’t know where and how to start. That’s how a Lake Elmo, Minnesota, homeowner felt about her kitchen and bathroom. She knew she wanted to transform her space, but she wasn’t sure how. She needed a facilitator to guide her through the process and put her dream kitchen together. That’s where Novare Renovation & Design stepped in.

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